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I really hate that fucking grape vine song because it’s always on at cherry bar and I tripped fucking balls and freaked out at a crazy fat guy with eyes facing outward who was talking to me about sex and rape and I will never feel okay hearing it at cherry again OMG

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me:damn its hot as fuck outside
me:*wears all black*
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*tries to take a selfie* deletes 253 photos and keeps 0

new obsession 

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I need to stop sleeping for 12 hours

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just added cheese to my 2 minute noodles and microwaved it all

best decision

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half an hour before that happened I had king diamond playing at work and it was “too much” and had to be skipped.


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so this lady came into work and told me she needed help buying a metallica cd for her son, but she has no idea who they are or what album to buy him. she asked, do they have a greatest hits? I told her no, but through the never has all those on it but it’s live. she said she didn’t want live and asked what other album I would suggest that would be a good one. so I said the black album and picked it up from the shelf for her. then she looked at me like she wasn’t happy and asked me about a few more before asking me again if I think that one would be the best and I said yes. then she looks at me and hesitates for a second and says, “I want a man’s opinion.”

I fucking. could not even.

so my colleague who is a man and is standing 2 feet away from us says, what do you need a man’s opinion on? she says, the best metallica album to get my son with a few “hits” (shudders) on it. he looked at me and said “what cd do you have in your hand?” I said black album and he nodded and said “that’s exactly what I would recommend” and straight away she just says “okay yep I’ll buy it” and walks off.

my colleague then looks at me and says whatever cd you had in your hand I was going to agree with you. I don’t know shit about metallica.

as she walked off she said to me “sorry for embarrassing you I just wanted a guys opinion.”

you didn’t embarrass me, you insulted me!

funny though. what a bitch.

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love dave!

love dave!

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love dave!

love dave!

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